Sunday, July 14, 2013


My application for the new apartment has been approved. I'm moving on Saturday to a new place. I'm starting a brand new life. 

Life goes on I have to look for future. 

I'm open-minded enough to anything and everything around me. I just accept changes as I know that's the only constant thing in this world. I am cutting away the past. I will no longer acknowledge those who are causing me to suffer. I will no longer be stuck in situation praying to anyone. 

The life I'm leaving behind was nothing but a lie. I wrote about that here on this blog. I was only fulfilling a general husband role, nothing more. Husbands lose by deafult. So nothing of my past comes with me. I will feel no guilt about leaving this family life behind. This is, after all, what my wife wanted at the same time, this is what I crafted.

Every morning is a chance to forget the pains of yesterday.

I am excited about my new place. I feel alive and free. I already packed my clothes, reserved the moving truck and cable, phone and internet connection. Things are moving well. I'm ready to dance and laugh again, to make up for the wrong things done. And most of all, It's my Self that becomes free again - I create my own reality and the blessing called 'LIFE.'

This change is not so hard as I thought, it's the best possible thing I can do for myself, but trying to change too many aspects of my life at once can be very stressful and can undo the good effect I am intended to have. I will go slowly. 

First, the move, then I need to buy a new car, we agreed she will keep our current car. Third, I need to start exercise in the yoga studio. It will be beneficial thing for me to get social and to meet new people. Then on 10th of August I am leaving for Europe to visit my family. Then comes condo sale, then lawyer's appointment etc. etc.


  1. Zee,

    There seems to be acceptance. Events seem fast-paced and at the same time ... There would inevitable be some difficult moments to undergo.

    This is an occasion to see things at the level of the person (husband role, events ..) and at the level of 'I am' : there's only the present moment with no trace of the past, no identification with events. This is a kind of test to see what all these spiritual books have brought to cope with this situation.

    Hope you'll feel better after all this temporary thing is over.


  2. Thank you Tony.

    It is hard time, no doubt about it. Memories, memories... But, you quite right about looking on this with spiritual eyes. I am trying to do just that. I am oriented toward future and I ave a positive outlook.

    I see now that all these spiritual books I have read have brought to me a lot of courage. I am continuing "I am That" project regadless of all this disturbance.