Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to Toronto

I'm back. Three weeks vacation is over. I had wonderful time with my family and friends. I enjoyed long lazy days. Almost everyday I went to river and swimming pool.

My mother is 71, my father is 75 years old. They are in relatively good health and they have well established life. They get up very early in the morning, eat on a strict schedule, have a nap afternoon, coffee before dinner and they go to sleep early. I did not follow their schedule but somehow we got along very well.

My twin sister with her fifteen years old son were all the time with me. I had a long conversation with my sister just about everything. My niece was visited us when she can. It was noizy full house.

I met my high school friends.

Almost everyday I was going out for a drink or dinner. My friends were talking about their life, mostly about their problems. I clearly noticed that all of them are seeing the world from the perspective of their own understanding. They all want more money.

I consider myself to be a different person. But am I so different from others? Everything starts from this "me" and the "me" has no existence at all. "Me" is nothing. I understand that, at least intellectually, but my friends do not know that. They take "me" as their reality. 

All my friends want something from life but the truth is they are ignorant. I hope I am not ignorant - well when I say "ignorant" I mean ignorant of the reality beyond this sense of "me". What my friends see is their own thoughts. I see my own thoughts too, but I try to remember that my thoughts start from nothing and end in nothing.

From tomorrow I'm back to my 6AM schedule - meditation, yoga, long walks etc.